How To Learn to Play Tennis – 10 Tips for Starters

Learning to play tennis can be a bit overwhelming if you’re used to traditional point systems. Perhaps you want to get into the sport for exercise or because you’d like to join the community of tennis.  Either way, tennis can be a difficult sport to learn.  Since it is an individual sport, it can be a bit challenging for those without a clear desire to become good players.

Tips for Becoming Better at Tennis

tennis rackets and a ball
Here are some tips for those interested in learning to play tennis or in just understanding the sport better.
1. Cardio
Tennis is a very fast sport.  While your goal may not be to work your way into Wimbledon, even a friendly round can require an extreme amount of effort and movement.  Focus on high-intensity interval workouts so that you can build up your body’s ability to transition between short bursts of intensity, rest, and back into high intensity for several rounds.
It’s also important to remember that the quick changes in direction take special training.  Many beginners don’t get much further than their very first round because they have an injury to a ligament or a joint that motivates them to find other hobbies.  Make sure you’re taking some time to prepare your body in the right ways before taking on several rounds.
2. Use The Right Equipment
Since we’re on the subject of cardio, you need to start with the right shoes.  You won’t get very far using football shoes in a tennis match, and those 8-year-old trainers are sure to get you hurt.  If you’re serious about getting good, buy yourself some decent tennis shoes.
You don’t need the same clothes the pros wear, but you certainly want to be wearing light and non-restrictive clothing.  If you can’t get the full range of motion with your swing, your ability to keep up will definitely be lower.  Lastly, racquets can be a bit pricey, so when you’re just starting out, keep to a racquet that feels good in your hand but isn’t too expensive.
3. Watch The Professionals
 The pros are able to do some things that will not only inspire you but also give you ideas to practice the next time you book a round.  Most of the top tournaments are broadcast and well-covered, and you can hear some of the commentary to get an idea of what’s going on if you’re a bit rusty on some of the rules.  
If you want to make it even more exciting, go watch the tournament or place a bet with a few friends if there’s one in town. Watching spectator sports isn’t just about gambling, although checking UK’s tennis betting sites reviewed can also be a benefit to beginners. You need to follow a certain strategy, but it will be quite an experience.
4. Get Into the Right Mindset
As we’ve mentioned, tennis is a highly individual sport.  It’s certainly possible to make it just a hobby but getting good at any sport requires intentional practice.  If you notice something when you play a round – perhaps you’re out of breath too fast or your backhand needs a lot of work – you should be going to your practise sessions with the intention of fixing your weak points.
Always remember to have fun as well.  If you find yourself having trouble, just remember that the more time you spend practising will help you get better.
5. Hire A Coach
It might be a bit more expensive, but if you’re truly serious about getting good, hiring a coach can bring your game up another notch.  Expect to be paying anything from £15 to £50 for a session with a coach.  Of course, this can get into hundreds of pounds if you’re going with an experienced coach.
6. Use A Mechanical Server
The wonderful thing about a mechanical server is that you can work on specific skills with repetition until you can’t take it anymore.  While you can buy one, a cheap one may neither last long nor give you realistic serves.  An expensive one can cost more than £1,000.
7. Join A Club
You also may be able to join one of the many tennis clubs.  It can run you from several hundred pounds for annual membership to a very dear £15,000.  The membership perks are wide-ranging depending on the member base, fees, and location, but you will find not only access to fine tennis courts but also access to coaches, lesson, and equipment to help you improve your game.
8. Watch Youtube Videos
The financial benefits of amassing a large audience on Youtube has not been lost on those who may have already built significant client bases in person. The number of videos on Youtube that offer instructions for tennis fans are huge, though make sure you do some research on the person giving the lessons.    It should be fairly easy to find out if the person making instructional videos has any pedigree.  Those that do have it may be able to provide you with critical advice to improve your game.
9. Play a Few Rounds with Strangers
Don’t hesitate to talk to a few people when you go to the tennis courts and ask to play a few rounds with strangers.  Just be mindful of your own skills and don’t overstate them.  Other people are there to improve their game, and if you can explain where you stand it will help you and the other player make sure the match will benefit both of you.
10. Don’t Hesitate to Get Creative (advanced shots)
Once you can play a decent game without much difficulty, it may be time to start improving your game with advanced shots and strategy.  Study slices, overheads, lobs, drop-shots, tweeners, and others.  Each one has a place, and if you practice them enough, you will be able to pull it out of your toolbox at exactly the right time.
Summary Tennis is an absolutely wonderful game that offers those who pursue it not only an excellent mental challenge but also a truly wonderful base in fitness.  It requires strong concentration on cardio and skill, though these tips will help those beginners unsure where to go with a guide to improve their game and play some truly amazing rounds of tennis.