Main Stage Entertainment

Sugar Ray

Friday, August 3rd8:00 pm

Sugar Ray was groundbreaking from the get-go, including among their ranks a real live DJ – incredibly, unheard of in a rock band at that time. Kicking off with 1995’s “LEMONADE AND BROWNIES,” the Newport Beach quintet unleashed a series of albums that McGrath describes as “love letters to the music we loved, with no irony just pure enthusiasm.” 1997’s “FLOORED” saw the band refine its multi-faceted sound with the assistance of GRAMMY® Award-winning producer David Kahane (Sublime, Paul McCartney, The Strokes). The album proved Sugar Ray’s popular breakthrough, earning 2x platinum certification from the RIAA, fueled in part by the #1 hit single, “Fly.”

The track – which featured guest toasting from dancehall reggae pioneer, Super Cat – along with its candy-colored companion video (directed by McGrath’s childhood friend and longtime collaborator, McG), locked into place Sugar Ray’s trademark all-consuming vision. Melding hair metal and hardcore punk with sampledelic hip-hop, New Wave, disco, and dub, Sugar Ray made music “like kids in a candy store,” crafting an idiosyncratic and utterly distinctive groove as inventive and forward-thinking as any critics’ darling of the era.

“14:59” made it clear McGrath and the band had the songwriting chops to go along with its vibrant sonic approach. The 1999 album was a triple platinum sensation, yielding a sun-kissed string of unforgettable pop classics including “Someday,” “Falls Apart,” and still another #1 smash in “Every Morning.” The hits kept coming, with 2001’s platinum-certified “SUGAR RAY” making a top 10 debut on the Billboard 200, propelled by yet another hit single/video, “When It’s Over.”

“We stand on our merits.” McGrath says. “No matter how much I try to be self-effacing, when you have a #1 song you have been validated. As much as I try to bash what we did as a band, you can never disown that. Four top 10 Songs, 10 million records – there’s nothing I can do to self-efface that. And the older I get, the more proud I get of what we did.”

As with most bands that survive for 25 years plus, Sugar Ray’s membership has seen some flux over their extended and illustrious career. Though McGrath is adamant there will never be another Sugar Ray record unless it features the original members, that’s not to say the band is no more – far from it. McGrath and founding guitarist Rodney Sheppard are currently leading a new Sugar Ray line-up that they feel finally fulfills the band’s onstage potential.

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Photo Credit: John Paul Bruno

Randy Houser

Sunday, August 5th8:00 pm

Randy Houser is a man refreshed. “I don’t know how it happened, but everything in my life has started lining up,” says the Lake, Mississippi native. “I must have done somebody right in the past.”

Those positive vibes of renewal ripple through Houser’s three consecutive No. 1 hits, “How Country Feels,” “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” and “Goodnight Kiss,” which recently became Houser’s first No. 1 as a songwriter though he has written numerous hits for artists over the years. “How Country Feels” was his first-ever No. 1 at radio, and both it and “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” earned RIAA Platinum certifications. All three songs are from Houser’s Stoney Creek Records debut, How Country Feels, which was released in early 2013. Upon release, the title track and lead single sparked a wildfire of accolades and media appearances.

Houser’s past contains no shortage of achievement, as it includes multiple nominations for ACM and CMA Awards, a No. 2 single in the form of “Boots On,” and songwriting credits for major names such as Trace Adkins, Justin Moore and Chris Young. In 2008—mere months after the release of his debut single, “Anything Goes”—Houser was even asked by David Letterman himself to appear on The Late Show. The singer’s first full-length album, Anything Goes, came out later that year, followed in 2010 by They Call Me Cadillac which spawned hit “Whistlin’ Dixie,” and fan-favorite “A Man Like Me.”

New tracks on How Country Feels echo the title single’s sunny self-assurance, including “We’re Just Growing Younger” and “Along for the Ride,” which Houser co-wrote with Zac Brown. “We were playing a festival and I just had this song rolling around in my head,” Houser remembers of the latter. “I stayed up till about 5 in the morning but then got stuck. So I called up Zac and we went on his bus and knocked it out of the park.”

There is contemplation, too: “Like a Cowboy,” which is Houser’s latest single, is about “me coming home for a few days, then having to leave again,” Houser says. “Route 3 Box 250D” provides an intimate snapshot of the singer’s upbringing. “That one’s kind of hard to listen to,” he admits. “It hits almost too close to home.” Billboard calls the song “stunning,” and The New York Times writes, “His voice here is almost wholly different, thicker and more throbbing, a caldron bubbling over. For a few minutes he’s the singer Nashville won’t let him be.”

As for the sound of How Country Feels, Houser says it’s his most expansive outing yet, with more bells and whistles than he’s used in the past; it also showcases the remarkable voice that led Vince Gill to call Houser “one of the best in the new crop of country singer-songwriters” and pal Jamey Johnson to say, “I watched a blind man jump to his feet and drop his crutches the first time he heard Randy Houser sing.”

And since the release of How Country Feels, critics have echoed those claims in reviews, with MSN writing “Houser is hands down one of the best male vocalists in Nashville,” and quoting Dierks Bentley as saying, “It’s kind of ridiculous how good of a singer he is.”

Still, the heart of the album—of Houser’s entire outlook right now—remains the story of a man who’s moved through darkness into light. “I feel like I’ve reached such a special moment,” he says, and it’s a true pleasure to hear him inside it.

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River Activities

Jet Ski Freestyle Stunt Shows

Allegheny RiverAugust 3-5

The jet ski freestyle events will dazzle spectators with “on the water” acrobatic displays as the synchronized freestyle performers do freestyle tricks both above and below the surface of the water such as; Flips, Monkey jumps, submarines, 180’s, barrel rolls, 360’s, Fire hose fountains of water, technical figure skating type tricks, etc. The Jetovator has the capability of flying up to 30 feet in the air and diving down 10 feet below the water. It will fly at speeds of up to 25 mph and perform aerial stunts such as barrel rolls and back flips!

NGK Formula 1 Powerboat Racing

Allegheny RiverAugust 3-5Various Times

The 1982 Pittsburgh Regatta was the first racing venue in the United States for Formula One Power Boats, when British driver Roger Jenkins out dueled Italian legend Renato Molinari for the first ever Three Rivers Regatta Trophy. You’ll hear this event throughout the city as Formula One powerboats roar down the Allegheny River in a thrilling race series on water.  This exciting racing series will showcase some of the most competitive drivers on the Allegheny River’s fast and tricky course.

F-Lights Powerboat Racing

Allegheny RiverAugust 3-5Various Times

Formula Lights are a smaller version of the Formula One class in appearance and handling characteristics. The Formula Light boats are shorter in length at approximately 13 feet in length with smaller 75 horsepower engines. These race crafts are able to turn with the same agility as their larger cousins, and operate with a top speed of over 75MPH. Formula Lights are considered an entry level tunnel boat class to many and draw the biggest field of boats at their events in the outboard category. Some of the greatest world champion F1 tunnel boat drivers began, and honed, their racing skills in the Formula Lights class.

ALCOSAN 3 Rivers Proud Anything That Floats Race

Allegheny RiverSaturday, August 4th5:30 pm

Think you can build a boat that floats? Here’s your chance to sink or set sail! Back by popular demand, the ALCOSAN 3 Rivers Proud Anything That Floats Race will capture the imagination of anyone who ever tried to build a boat (with household items). Spectators will eagerly watch as contestants raise hope as they attempt to keep their boats afloat. While the race is all in good fun, it’s for a good cause, too. The teams that win fastest vessel, “greenest” vessel and most creative boat design will receive up to $2,500 for a charity of their choice. There will also be an honorable mention award to the fastest sinker.

Register your team for this year’s race: Click to Download – 2018 Anything That Floats Registration Form

Point State Park


Sandsational Sand Sculpture Supported by the Colcom Foundation

Point State ParkAugust 3-5

Sandsational Sand Sculpting returns to make another spectacular artwork in sand. It is the eighth straight year they have created the signature exhibit for the EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta. The immaculate creation is made of 150 tons of sand. Viewers can watch it all take shape in the days leading up to the festival in Point State Park. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and watch the creative process unfold.

Regatta Marketplace

Overlook between Portal Bridge & Allegheny RiverAugust 3-512 - 10 pm

The Regatta Marketplace features unique, handmade wares from local artisans, like carefully-crafted jewelry, homemade candles, and framed photographs of the Pittsburgh skyline. Take a stroll through the *new* quaint location in Point State Park to meet these creative crafters and shop their mobile stores!

Want to become a vendor? Contact us for an application form.

Red Bull Air Force Skydive

Multiple LocationsAugust 3-5

The team. The adrenaline. The insanity. The vibe. The Red Bull Air Force is one of the most elite skydive teams on the planet! These aerial athletes have countless skydives, wingsuit flights, and B.A.S.E. jumps under their belts – and now, they will make their landing at Three Rivers Regatta!

EQT Power Your Future

Point State ParkAugust 3-512 - 9 pm

EQT’s Power Your Future exhibit on wheels features 11 different educational stations designed to gauge student’s abilities and interests in science and technology. Using game-based software, this self-guided interactive exhibit on wheels educates students on the exploration, extraction and use of natural gas, as well as career opportunities available in their home states. At the end of their exhibit experience, students will be shown careers based on their interests and abilities.

EQT Regatta Bike Valet

Bike Valet

Outside of Point State ParkAugust 3-512 - 10 pm

Park your bicycle at the Bike Valet for free, so you can enjoy all the great Regatta activities.

Kids Zone Supported by the Colcom Foundation

Point State ParkAugust 3-512 - 9 pm

Kids Zone activities to be announced soon.

AAA Travel to the Beach Kids Korner

Point State Park (Monongahela River side)August 3-5

AAA will once again be putting the beach within reach at the AAA Travel to the Beach Kids Korner! The temporary seashore will be located along the Monongahela River side of the Point State Park river walk, and features beach toys. This beachfront oasis is the perfect place for kids to build sandcastles, while parents chill out and take a leisurely beach break.

Frisbee Dog Stunt Shows presented by ALCOSAN

Point State ParkAugust 3-5Various Times

Frisbee dog stunt shows have been a long-time featured act of the Three Rivers Regatta.  This is the ultimate high-energy canine thrill show, featuring high-flying canine Frisbee athletes perform trick after trick in their various shows set to upbeat music.


"Regatta Thunder" Fireworks Display

Confluence of the Rivers

Details coming soon.

North Shore Riverwalk


Extreme Sports Shows

More details coming soon.